Sunday, 30 June 2013

Liz Jones Vs Rihanna

In Defence of Liz Jones

I’ll admit I was as offended as anyone when Liz Jones claimed that clothing could invite rape. Her exact words when describing Rihanna were that “she promotes drug-taking, drinking and the sort of fashion sense on stage that surely invites rape at worst, disrespect at least. “ Ouch!

But to be fair to Liz Jones, she did elaborate, albeit under duress that “I’d been listening all day to reports about the trial of the men in Oxford who held girls captive, beat them and abused them. They preyed on the vulnerable ones.” And she’s right that women and girls who dress a certain way are likely to be treated a certain way. If I’m out late at night wearing a full length evening dress, with a clutch bag and demure make up, hair and jewellery I’m likely to be perceived very differently than if I were wearing ripped fishnets a leather mini skirt and a sequinned bra-top. 

Only stupid or evil people think that dress-style can invite rape but then Liz did refer to a very specific photograph of Rihanna that was on her mind when she wrote that stupidly offensive paragraph. And to be fair, although the way she is dressed in the picture doesn’t ‘invite rape’ it is certainly provocative and perhaps that was the point that Liz was attempting to make.

Initially when I read the article that Rihanna had responded to Liz’s article I was quite impressed. For most of us in the UK, Liz is a semi-famous figure. She almost has a cult following, be it haters or fans, who have heard of her and who read her work. It was hard to believe that a world famous musician from across the pond had even heard of Liz Jones in the first place and the fact that she’d read the article at all, let alone chose to respond was surprising to me.  

 I thought we’ll never hear the end of this because Liz Jones just loves attention and to humblebrag to the point that even a spat with a world famous person will be column fodder for years to come.

I was surprised. She actually seemed genuinely hurt, which I found strange. Surely she has to have a thicker skin than that to work in the field of confessional journalism, especially for the misogynistic Daily Mail.  At least the comments on today’s article have been mostly refreshing. Yes Liz is quite rightly criticised for her nasty and quite frankly spiteful recent article where she slates Pippa Middleton for her fashion sense but most people seemed to sympathise that Liz is getting attacked yet again. Yes she DOES bring it on herself but a good analogy that I heard recently likened it to making fun of the crazy homeless person in your neighbourhood. Let it go already. It’s not big or clever to kick people when they’re down. 

Liz Jones needs help. Criticise if you feel the need but making fun of people who have real problems is akin to starting a twitter feud with Amanda Bynes. Ugly.


  1. She DOES bring it on herself tho! She wrote that Pip Middleton had breasts like spaniels ears. She can't complain when she gets called out

  2. Why do i keep hearing people bleating "Liz Jones needs help" is driving me mad. She knows exactly what she is doing. She instigates and perpetuates controversy. She is acutely intelligent & perspicacious & has a hide like a rhino. She is paid handsomely for her role and lives a lifestyle most of us could only dream of. Please reserve your contemplation & sympathy for those who deserve it. (Re The Jiz Loans scandal...can anyone even imagine her touching a used johnnie, let alone faffing around in the bathroom doing unmentionable things with one. NO. BECAUSE IT NEVER HAPPENED.)