Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Outrage as aspiring glamour model Josie Cunningham gets £4,800 breast enlargement paid for by NHS

There are over 2000 comments on the Daily Mail website about this article. Taxpayers are outraged. Why should this young woman get free breast enlargement surgery on the NHS just because she wants to be 'The next Katie Price'? When cancer patients have to fight for life-saving drugs and pensioners are left to die in hospital corridors on trolleys because there is no bed available for them?

Except the original article is ridiculously misleading. This hasn't deterred the many people who have fetched their angry trousers and hastily bashed out such comments as 'you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig', 'face like a dropped pie', 'should have had a face transplant instead' and 'look at the nose on that!'.

And these are the top rated comments.

It says about half way down the article that she has a congenital medical condition which means she has no breast tissue. This is actually a recognised medical condition known as Amazia.

Women with this condition simply don't have breast tissue. It differs from the condition Amastia in that people who suffer with Amastia are also without nipples. Both conditions mean that at puberty the breasts will not develop and they are perfectly entitled to breast augmentation on the NHS as it is a recognised 'deformity/disfigurement' and as such is eligible for correction if it causes distress.

What seems to have really caused the outrage here is that Miss Cunningham has the nerve to think she can be a glamour model - with a face like that? Really?

It's probably fair to say that she is in no way photogenic enough to be a model. Also the fact that she aspires to be 'the next Katie Price' doesn't make her seem particularly intelligent or ambitious.
Katie Price - Mum of the year. And role model

But the top rating comments on this website are the ones which either mock her for her looks and her unrealistic career aspirations or rage about how the NHS has wasted their money paying for her surgery instead of paying for treatment for people with genuine medical conditions.

This totally misses the point that she actually does have a genuine medical condition. It's called Amazia

Additionally the fact that she doesn't have a face like Marilyn Monroe seems like a poor reason to mock her for her looks and spew such vitriol, hatred, personal insults and attacks. The last time I read such a backlash was the Samantha Brick article - again a woman who 'thought she was better than she was'.

She's punching above her weight by thinking she could be a model, sure, but she's not hurting anyone and her surgery was to correct a recognised medical condition. Yet she has been viciously slaughtered in the online comments as though she stamped on a puppy or pistol whipped a baby seal.

Wait there - I'll get my shoes...

And this is why it is so important to actually read an article before forming a considered opinion.


  1. The article may have been misleading and the comments nasty but she's about as common as muck and thick as 2 short planks

  2. Katie price is disgusting shes got no class whatsoever

  3. Filthy cumdumpsters the lot of them. That Josie is a right fucking swamp donkey. Who'd pay to see that. She makes Jodie Marsh look like Greta Garbo.