Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Man saves toddlers life in supermarket

Rowan O'Neill saves babies life in Australian supermarket

When little Shylar collapsed and stopped breathing in a Perth supermarket her mother Amy Collard ran to the counter and asked someone to help. She ran outside in a panic and told her husband, 2-year old Shylar's father, that their daughter had stopped breathing.

Shylar's father, clearly distraught, rushes in, panicking and then a fellow shopper, a builder named Rowan O'Neill took command. When the Heimlich manouvre had failed and she didn't seem to be choking on anything Mr O'Neill began mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Shylar started breathing again. She survived. Hugs all round and not a dry eye in the place.

It turned out that little Shylar had a fever but after a night in hospital she was discharged and is set to make a full recovery.

Well done Rowan. Don't bother taking your wallet with you next time you go to the pub. I don't think you'll need it.

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